Pantone Colours for 2016 – I can’t help get excited

Pantone_Color_of_the_Year_2016_Color_Standards   I always get excited when Pantone releases their colours for the year.  Why do I get excited?  To be honest, I like to see what the new trends are and then dig through my stash of beads and cabochons to see if I am going to be 'on trend' with any of my pieces.   pantone-color-of-the-year-lee-eiseman-quote This year the colours are Rose Quartz and Serenity.  I was super excited to see these colours!  To me, they are a beautiful pale pink and a cute baby blue and immediately conjure images of 50's kitchens with a sweet table cloth and dainty curtains.  A perfect pair of subtle shades that just seem to scream 'Vintage".  (Images courtesy of Pinterest) 04ad9f9ec36597c00cd3d8b5c79e2a2d                59053ad5bcae1cc090cf921c8b2e5059 Excitedly I went to my bead stash and was super excited to find some gorgeous pink baroque beads which were a little bit darker than the Rose Quartz shade but they were perfectly pink and perfectly vintage.  I was also able to find a couple of settings which have a small pink bead at the top and a larger blue stone at the bottom.  They match the Pantone colours nicely so I grabbed my tools and started bending and shaping and creating and these gorgeous earrings are the result. DSCN0559      DSCN0562 The Sterling silver earrings are a nice blend of contemporary and vintage.  The 14k gold filled and brass earrings just say classic vintage.  You can find both pairs in my Etsy Store. Thanks Pantone for picking such subtle shades this year, I am finally trendy! Don't die with the creativity left in you ~ Leanne

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