My muse, my inspiration. How one little girl’s magic breathes life into my designs.

  23959384962_efeb4642b0_o Rory has no idea how much she influences what is created in the Annie By Design studio.  Rory is Batman, Wonder Woman, a unicorn, a survivor and a rock chick all rolled into one.  Rory oozes attitude and charm in equal measures, she has a wonderful imagination and a carefree spirit.  I know this because at least half of the photos I have seen of her show her dressed in the cutest costumes.  For a simple trip to the shops most kids would put on a pretty dress or some jeans and a t-shirt.  Not Rory.  She would rather go in costume.  I adored this about her. We have never officially met but from the very first photo I ever saw of Rory, I knew she was an amazing young girl.  Kelly is Rory's Mum.  Kelly and I were friends in High School and a few years ago we reconnected on Facebook.  It was through this new Facebook friendship that I 'met' Rory.  I have seen her grow up and I have seen her express herself through her imagination and her lust for life.  I picture Rory riding her skateboard down the road leaving a trail of glitter behind her, and when the clouds turn grey and the rain pours down the raindrops are like rainbows falling to the ground and creating rainbow filled puddles for her to jump in. It is through thoughts like these and the photos that I see on a regular basis that I draw quite a bit of my inspiration.  It is like seeing the world through a childs eyes and I love it. The first piece I created based on Rory was a little silver rain cloud that was raining brightly coloured rain drops.  I sent her this pendant as a gift to thank her for being my muse and inspiration but I doubt that she understood what all the fuss was about. Rory has a learning disability and it makes school a little bit hard for her.  Some kids pick on her and she can struggle in class which can make her sad.  Her mum finds it hard too and that breaks my heart.  Regardless of this she still strives to be the best she can and enjoys her life to the full.  Rory is the shiniest unicorn in the room (and on the soccer field). DSCN0290 Compressed Since 'meeting' Rory I have based around 10 pieces on her and her spark and plenty of others have come about after seeing her happy smile whilst she is having fun.  From photos of her in costume to pics of her at a music festival, I am inspired each week to not only create gorgeous pieces of jewellery but to live a happy life doing things that I enjoy.  My advice to you is to find yourself a muse or someone that inspires you and don't limit it to adults, you never know what you can learn from a child.  Thanks, Rory for being such an inspirational little girl, stay happy and rock on! Aurora Make For Good Silver Hoops Bright Beads Don't die with the creativity left in you ~ Leanne    

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