How to make your own Vintage Jewellery Packaging – Because it is so much nicer than new packaging

DSCN0375 When I sell a piece of jewellery in my online store I always 'gift wrap' it before posting.  There are some lovely packaging options out there that you can buy new, however, I like to make my own packaging.  Many of my pieces incorporate vintage beads or cabochons and others are created in a vintage inspired style so brand new packaging just doesn't suit my brand.  As a buyer, I love to receive items in the mail that are packaged beautifully so I carry this through to my own business and ensure that my package and presentation are just right.  And I feel the best way to do this and still represent my brand well is to use vintage paper.  I seek out old music sheets, old magazines and old books and use these pages to create my own packaging. To display a pair of earrings ready for packaging I cut a piece of music sheet slightly longer than the earrings I want to display.  You can cut the piece of paper into any shape you like but I find if I am working with longer dangle earrings a simple rectangle shape works best, however, studs are smaller so you could try a heart shape or a cloud shape.  Place the earrings on the paper and work out the best placement for each of them and then use the ear wire on the earring to pierce a hole in the paper and then thread the ear wire through.  Repeat with the second earring and your display is complete.  I do a similar thing for rings however, I punch a hole near the corner using a hole punch, thread a piece of ribbon through the hole and tie the ring in place.  This works well for rings that don't have a stone or any pieces that stick up. DSCN0349  DSCN0351 The next part of my packaging is a little pocket envelope that I put the piece into.  They are super easy to make, are just the right size for my jewellery and you can make them out of any paper you like.  I use old magazines and books because it not only adds to the vintage feel and reinforces my brand but they look cute and are a real one of a kind. DSCN0367 To make the envelope, choose the paper you would like to use and grab a pencil, some scissors, some glue, a ruler and a template.  There are plenty of templates on the web or you can  peel apart a money envelope and use that as your template.
A simple template from the web and a deconstructed money envelope
A simple template from the web and a deconstructed money envelope
Place your template on the area of the page that you would like to cut out and trace around it with a pencil.  Sometimes I will try to get as many envelopes from a page as possible but other times I might choose a specific part of the page which I think is quirky or appropriate for the item that is being packaged. DSCN0369   Now cut that baby out and grab your glue stick.  Decide which is to be the outside and which is to be the inside.  Once you have decided which side is the inside rule a line at the bottom of the flap where it meets the rest of the envelope.  Do this for all four flaps.  The ruled line provides a folding line for the flaps.  Fold one side flap in and then fold the other one so it overlaps.  Put some glue on the seam and press down.  Now fold the bottom flap up, glue the seam and press down.  You should now have the cutest little envelope <3 DSCN0371      DSCN0372 DSCN0373      DSCN0374 Now parcel up those goodies, sprinkle them with fairy dust and send them on their way. DSCN0375 Don't die with the creativity left in you ~ Leanne

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