Assemblage Jewellery – It looks gorgeous and gives odd bits and pieces a home.

I love assemblage jewellery.  I love making it, I love looking at it but most of all I love the fact that it gives those odd bits and pieces a new and fancy home.  Assemblage is defined as 'a collection or gathering of things' or 'a work of art made by grouping together found or unrelated objects'.  The wonderful thing about assemblage is that you can take pieces of broken jewellery, vintage lockets and beads and other pieces that wouldn't normally go together and turn them into something wearable and truly gorgeous.  It is so simple to do and you can be super creative.  And the best part.... it is upcycling at its finest!  Don't throw out that broken jewellery, turn it into assemblage. Take a locket from a necklace found at a thrift shop, add some chain from your aunties broken necklace and add some vintage beads from the 50's.  You now have a stunning one of a kind piece.  Each element used will add a bit of history or a special significance to the piece.  You can use all new elements if you like but I really love to upcycle items and give a poor lonely little bead a new home.  The other great thing about assemblage is the fact that the pieces do not need to match.  You can use beads of all different shapes and sizes, pieces of chain and you can even mix glass beads with plastic ones. I had some gorgeous vintage green beads on my workbench and I didn't know what to create with these beauties.  There were not enough of them to make them into a necklace on their own so I grabbed a few more elements and went to work. DSCN2407 I created some wire wrapped findings from recycled sterling silver and then added clusters of peridot and citrine chips to them.  I paired the wonderful green beads with some vintage clear glass beads and added them to the  clusters and then finished the whole piece with some recycled chain and cute little locket.  As a wonderful finishing touch, I filled the locket with a handmade lavender and ylang ylang solid perfume.   Annie By Design Assemblage vintage solid perfume Assemblage locket solid perfume vintage beads peridot chips Now grab some beads and create your own assemblage piece.. or grab this green beauty from the Etsy store 🙂 '
' Don't die with the creativity left in you ~ Leanne

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